Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Turn Invisible

Invisibility is a state in which an object cannot be seen. This kind of an object, which is not visible, is known as invisible. The term invisible is usually used for science fiction and fantasy, where various objects are made invisible by the means of magic or technology. Some of these effects are visible in the reality, especially in psychology and physics. People or objects are invisible in fiction by various means:

To become invisible temporarily magic potions were consumed.
Even magical objects like amulets, cloaks and rings were used to gain permanent invisibility.
To gain temporary invisibility magic spells were cast on people.
There were some mythical creatures like Leprechaun and Chinese dragons which can shrink themselves in sizes.
Sometimes magical invisibility is also psychic invisibility. In such conditions, the character is visible but people cannot notice him/her, the magic distracts everyone. Mirrors or other reflective surfaces can betray such invisibility. Here are some steps that will teach you how to become invisible.


Look for a place where there is no noise and you can be relaxed. Shut your eyes, and try to imagine how you would feel when you are invisible. Imagine yourself living in all your invisible fantasies.
After nearly five minutes of your imagination, concentrate on any one part of your body, preferably a fingertip, and this concentration will help it become invisible. Through your mind’s eye, it will slowly turn transparent, and reveal what is behind it.
Once your finger is invisible in your mind, stop the thought process at the same point for as long as possible. If you see that you mind has started wandering, wait for sometime and try to concentrate again. If it does not wander, just relax and continue your thought process.
Initially you will be able to hold your thoughts for a few seconds, or maximum for a minute. Keep practicing this technique, you should be able to hold your thoughts for at least five minutes. There will be some distractions around and you should be able to ignore them.
Repeat this exercise for 3 weeks, time yourself before starting this exercise.
Once you have learnt how to concentrate for five minutes, you must perform the next stage. In the next stage, make sure that you have not eaten anything for at least one hour, and drank anything except water.
Make yourself comfortable and go in the relaxation stage. Start imagining your body parts becoming transparent. Begin from toes to your entire body. When you are doing this process, constantly repeat the word invisible in your mind.
Repeat this exercise for 12 times and try it out everyday. Once you have mastered the art of concentration, and imagining yourself as becoming transparent, you can proceed to the next step.
For the next step, you will need someone’s help. You can take one of your friend’s help. Ask your friend to sit near you, and watch you carefully when you perform the mental tasks. Ask them to write down how much visible you are. Throughout the entire exercise if they see any kind of change, in your visibility they should note down the time. This will prove as a useful detail for you later, it help you see how effective your mental exercises are becoming.
Except for the notes, your friend should not do anything else. That person is required to sit quietly and not to distract you. Ask your friend to match his breathing rate to yours, which will be very helpful to you.  
Keep practicing this exercise till you become successful in attaining invisibility.

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