Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Tickle Girls

Tickling is a simple way of playing mischief, having fun with your loved ones, siblings and friends. In couples, tickling is the cutest way of getting closer and having some fun with your partner. If you want to experience the tickle fun with your girlfriend, you must know ‘how to tickle girls’.

Girls are sensitive to tickling. Girls feel ticklish in many body parts like armpits, waistline, lower back, feet & neck. Tickling can be done to make a person laugh if he or she is upset with you. If your girlfriend or wife is upset with you, you can make her laugh by tickling her. However, you should know how to tickle her, without hurting her with your nails or fingers.

Tickling is not something, which is taught. Everyone knows how to tickle, but still for the immense pleasure of tickling, you should know the technique of tickling. Here are some instructions you can follow to tickle girls.

How to tickle girls?

While tickling a girl you must maintain the level of decency. Do not tickle a girl like you would tickle your brother or any male friend.
Tickling is the best when you tie the hands of your victim so that your victim cannot defend herself.
You can use your girlfriend’s or wife’s scarf or your handkerchief to tie her hands or simply hold her hands tightly with one hand.
Once you have tied her hands, tickle her by running your fingers over her stomach, neck, armpits, neck and feet.
For tickling to be more effective, first tickle slowly and then increase the intensity of tickling.
Tickle is more effective on bare parts of the body. Try tickling on neck, feet and if you have access to her bare stomach tickle her on her stomach.
Tickling can be more fun if you blindfold her. When you blindfold her, she won’t know when and where you will tickle her, so it will be more fun.
Use a feather to tickle her. Run a feather slowly on her stomach, neck, face and waistline. Many girls feel ticklish on their waist.
If a girl is very fat, he/she won’t feel ticklish. In this case, you will have to tickle her on her armpits or feet. Tickling on stomach will not result into any fun.
You can slowly move your fingers up and down on her sides and upper arms.
Females use their long nails to tickle boys. You though do not have long nails can opt for nail extensions. Use temporary nail extensions and use these to tickle her the way girls use theirs.
These are the basic techniques of tickling. Try these to tickle girls next time. these tickling tips will let you and your girl have more fun.

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