Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Adjust Motorcycle Chain

It is very necessary for the motorcycle to function properly. The motorcycle chain is used to draw power from the engine to the rear of the bike, so it becomes essential for the chain to be in the right condition. Any tension in the motorcycle will affect the speed and movement of the motorcycle. Proper adjustment and maintenance of the motorcycle chain is essential so that you can ride your bike smoothly. You can adjust the motorcycle to get an effective riding experience by following the instructions given below, that will help you learn how to adjust a motorcycle chain.

How to adjust a motorcycle chain?

Equipments needed to adjust the motorcycle chain:

You will get most of the equipments in the tool box you get with your bike. However, if you do not have it with you, here is a list of equipments or tools you will need, to adjust a motorcycle chain.

Tape measure
Allen Wrench Set
Side stand
Owner’s manual
Allen Wrench 8 mm

Using the side stand or side arm stand, position your bike where you wish to carry out this work. The axle nut of the bike has to be loosened. You can do this using the appropriate wrench
The rear wheel of the bike has to be aligned with the side stand or swing arm stand
On both the sides of the swing arm, there are two nuts connected to the rear wheel’s axle.
Using the Allen wrench, move these nuts in clockwise direction. Move it a quarter inch. While adjusting the nuts, the rear wheel of the bike has to be in alignment with the swing arm stand. The rear wheel has to be in alignment with this stand throughout the adjustment process, so that you can adjust you motorcycle chain accordingly.
In the next step, you will need your user’s manual. Using the information mentioned in the user manual, you can adjust the exact slack needed for your motorcycle chain.
Tighten or loosen the chain as per the exact length mentioned in the user’s manual. After this, you need to check the length of chain. For this, you need to measure it with a tape measure. Your motorcycle chain has to be in the acceptable range provided in the instruction manual.
Next step is to use the 8mm Allen wrench. You need to insert it between the sprocket and chain present on the hind wheel of your bike.
To adjust the right amount of slack for your motorcycle chain, rotate the rear wheel in clockwise direction. This will tighten the chain and help you adjust the exact slack.
In the next step, you have to measure the spacing between the two bolts- one is the axle bolt that is placed on the rear wheel, and the other bolt is the one which fixes the swing arm of the motorcycle. Check it on the other side as well. The spacing should be equal on both the sides.
After you have checked the spacing, again insert the 8 mm wrench in the space between the sprocket of the rear wheel and the chain. Rotate the wheel again, this time in the opposite direction. This will tighten the motorcycle chain. Also, using a wrench, tighten the rear axle.
Spin the wheel freely; the chain should not make a noise that is normal, while it is adjusted perfectly. If it is still loose, it will make a distinctive sound.
In this way you can adjust your motorcycle chain.

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