Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Adjust a Guitar Bridge

A guitar can play beautiful tunes, and make your friends and loved ones smile. However, for playing good tunes on a guitar, along with a good player and notes, you need to adjust the strings of the guitar well. The guitar strings need to be stiff and this is based on the bridge of the guitar. In order to set the bridge correctly you must know how to adjust a guitar bridge.

The guitar bridge helps you to adjust the strings of the guitar well, and helps you play good tunes on the guitar. The saddle of the bridge can be moved backward and forward to set the strings to get the perfect tunes from your guitar. The height of the guitar bridge and the tilt, affect the notations played on the guitar.

If you too wish to play good tunes on your guitar, and the strings are not set properly, use the instructions mentioned below and learn how to adjust a guitar bridge.


Electronic Tuner
Star Screw Driver
How to adjust a guitar bridge?

Before starting with the settings, check the saddle of your guitar. This will help you choose the right screw driver for your guitar.
You sometimes get a screw driver with your guitar. Use the same or else choose the appropriate one.
Now tune the strings of your guitar one by one.
Once you have tuned it a bit, check the tuning by selecting any one string. Try playing the ‘12th fret harmonic’ on this particular string.
Next, using an electronic tuner, adjust the 12 fret harmonic of the string.
Check the notations of the string. Check whether the notations are flat or sharp.
The sharpness or slightness of the strings will help you adjust stings further.
If the harmonics are sharp, you need to lengthen the string.
Using the wrench or screw driver, move the saddle screw clockwise. Move it slightly, just a fraction of an inch. Now check the harmonic again on the electronic tuner.
Adjust it to get the right tunes from your guitar.
Alternatively, if the harmonic played sound too flat or slightly flat, you need to shorten the length of the string. Again, using the screw driver, this time move the screw of the saddle in anti-clockwise direction.
Check the harmonics again and tune it till you get the right harmonics.
Besides this if, you have recently serviced your guitar, and got the bridge replaced, then you will need to adjust the bridge ’side-to-side’.

Firstly, loosen all the strings of the guitar.
Next step is remove the bridge and place it over the saddle again.
Holding the paddle intact in place tighten the guitar strings again.
Check the harmonics of the guitar. If you are not totally convinced with it, rest the bridge and the strings again.
The adjustments vary with different guitars and different models of guitars. This is the basic adjustment technique for a guitar bridge.

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