Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Prioritize

Many times in life, we face a lot of situations when we think that we should have concentrated on other matters, rather than the one we were concentrating on. To avoid such guilt in life, we should know how to prioritize. Prioritizing helps us save time, and focus on vital things first.

Prioritizing is important to live a smooth functioning life where you can enjoy your life and your work. Every element in our life has a different level of importance. We need to understand the corresponding importance with the corresponding element, and plan accordingly. We need to analyze and have proper time management to focus on different elements of life.

Follow the tips or instructions given below and learn ‘how to prioritize’.

At every stage of life, different aspects of your life have different vitality. Being a child, education and sports is the priority; in youth, education and career is the priority, and in adulthood, family, job and responsibilities. You need to understand in which phase of your life you stand, and prioritize accordingly.

List down elements:

Make a list of what things/elements you think according to you need to be considered seriously. Once you have done this, move to the next step.
Mark for Urgency:

Suppose you have listed down ten things, now rank them for the level of importance or urgency.
You can either use colors, or write ‘most urgent’ or ‘least urgent’, or rank by numbers besides each element in the list.
You can also use ‘L’ for low-level importance, ‘M’ for medium, and ‘H’ for high level.
Have an aim:

Be it something simple like completing homework before your favorite TV show starts, preparing for exams, cleaning the house, etc. You need to set an aim and know what is more important for you at that particular time of your life.
If you decide that your priority is completing homework, then plan your schedule accordingly. Here you have prioritized certain elements of your daily routine.
Using the list you jotted down and ranked, you can easily set your aim.

Efforts Required:

Once you have ranked the list, you can directly aim one of them. However, if you are thinking about resources, then besides each topic in the list, you can mention the ‘efforts’ or ‘resources’ required.
This effort or resource listing will help you prioritize further. Suppose something ranked ‘M’ (medium) on the list needs resources that are easily available, you can finish off the task easily. Hence, rather than opting for something that will need quite a lot of time in collecting resources you can choose this one.
Ranking and listing the efforts or resources will help you to prioritize.
Rearrange the list:

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