Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Cook Duck

Duck is a meat of numerous species of birds, which derived is from the family of Anatidae.

Ducks are found in sweet as well as saline water. Ducks are consumed in various cuisines around the globe.

The Peking duck is the most popular duck which is eaten in the America. The Pekin ducks comes from the Long Island, New York, it is also occasionally known as Long Island ducks, although it has Chinese derivation.  The most popular breeds of duck in modern times are Muscovy duck, and the Moulard duck. In contrast to other domestic ducks, Muscovy ducks are not derived from mallards.  According to the USDA, almost 30 million ducks were consumed in the US in the year 2005. If you want to cook duck, then just follow the following instructions.

Things required:

Sweet wine or sherry
Roasting stand
spice -all
Orange zest
Other spices like herbs
Orange and crimson juice
Large  baking pan
Tin foil
String and rubber bands


For preparing duck, you need to buy duck from the grocer or shops.
Collect the entire set of ingredients together to flavor and prepare the duck for roasting.
Remove the duck from the packaging.
Examine the cavities of the duck to take away giblets.
Remove all the extra fat inside the cavity of the duck, from the neck, or from anywhere there is any extra fat on the bird.
Wash the outside of the duck carefully by placing it under water to get rid of bacteria from the skin of the bird. Once you are done, let it dry somewhat before marinating.
Marinate the duck with 2 tbsp of spices and 2 tbsp of pepper and anything else you want to mix in the meat. Massage the spice all over the surface of the duck.
Prepare oven, heat it to 370 degrees.
Score the duck breast by making small cuts into it with the help of a utility knife or by making holes into the duck with the help of a large fork.
If you want, add extra spice into the scored pieces of the duck or add some natural herbs. Put in a bit of orange zest or some amount of fresh cranberries.
Keep the duck on a roasting stand, which can sit on the top ledge of the oven.
On the lower ledge of the oven, put a large baking saucepan and pour hot water till the halfway mark. Ensure that it is placed directly under the roasting stand on which you have placed the duck. The saucepan should be the same size or larger than the roasting stand of the duck.
Position a coating of aluminum foil on surface of the duck, putting it smoothly around the duck.
Cook the duck for at least 15 minutes for every lb. When the suitable time of cooking has passed, examine if the duck is cooked. If required, put the duck in the oven again, until it has attained the preferred level of cooking.
If you want to cook crispy duck’s breast, then put the duck below the broiler for almost ten minutes to reach the preferred level of crispiness.
Prepare a broth for the duck while it cooks, if you want to prepare one. You can use the giblets to prepare a broth and then insert a bit of orange zest and orange juice, crushed onion, a bit of paprika, and extra salt and pepper. If you want to make your gravy thick, then add some corn flour and water to it. If you want to make your sauce a little sweeter, then put cranberry or a sweet wine or sherry in the sauce.
When the duck is cooked, remove it from the vessel and put it on a serving plate. Take out any remaining cord or rubber bands. Decorate and serve hot.

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