Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Prioritize your Life

You always envy others when you see them enjoying their weekends and spending money on stuff they want to, but you cannot. If you are always caught up with pending work, bills, etc. you need to learn how to prioritize your life.

Prioritizing will help you live your life in a disciplined way. It will let you take control of your life rather than your life taking control of you. This simple rule in your life will help you live a smooth life without much hustle and bustle.

Follow the instructions given below and learn how to prioritize your life:

Spend time with yourself:

At some point of time in your life, you will feel that things are getting out of control and nothing is going on as per your plans, and you start losing hope.
At this point it becomes important for you to spend time alone, think where you have been wrong, think about your goal and not get distracted by anything in life.

You need to think with a calm mind. For this, you have to get rid off all the frustration and distractions disturbing you.
Do what helps you to get rid of this frustration, so that you can again start thinking with a fresh beginning. Dance, music, a game of tennis, anything that helps you get rid of your frustration.
Listing priorities:

Next step is prioritizing things in your life. Your education, career, family, wife, children, friends, etc. This differs at every stage in your life.
Being a student, education and career will be your priority, and once you are settled in your job, your family will be your priority.
People usually fall into trouble when they fail to understand what they should prioritize at a particular time in life.
Listing down various elements that are important in your life will help you know your priorities. Sometimes you tend to concentrate on things that do not matter much and realize it later.
Once you have made a list, rearrange it starting with the one with the highest priority in life.
Remember to carry this list with you always. Also, make a big chart of the same and place it in your room, at a place where you can constantly see it.
Placing a chart in front of your eyes will help you maintain your focus.

Usually we tend to make resolutions, or such focus charts but we fail to follow it. In order to prioritize your life and live it according to your wish, you need to FOLLOW what you have decided.
‘Following’ needs discipline, and discipline will make your life simpler.
Using these simple instructions, you can prioritize your life. However, you need to understand that, to succeed in prioritizing your life, you just cannot escape by making a list. You need to understand the vitality of the list and thus follow it with discipline.

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