Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Use a Ziphone

ZiPhone is a software tool that is used for unlocking or jail-breaking iPods and iPhones. Unlocking a phone involves making it free from network restrictions that have been placed on the instrument by the manufacturer. It also allows other action such as SIM card unlocking and deep customization. ziPhone is also used for jail-break, which involves replacing the firmware of the iPhone with a marginally modified version of the same that does not impose signature verification. In this article you will come to know how to use a Ziphone.

ZiPhone has proven its worth and is a truly good app for unlocking and jail breaking iPhones. It helps unlocking and jail break in Windows operating system, both for old and classic versions. Below are the instructions to use the tool:

Download the app and iPhone firmware 1.1.4 and save at a location, preferably desktop.
Open application iTunes and link up with the iPhone.
Keep holding Shift key on Windows OS or alternatively you can hold down Option labeled key on the Mac OS and press Restore.
Browse the desktop or any other location where you saved the file iPhone1, 1_1.1.4_4a102_restore and click two times on the file.
After the restore process gets completed, iTunes will allow its users to restore contacts and name their setups.
After this procedure is completed, download the most new version of Ziphone 2.5c on desktop or any other location from the links provided to download.
After the download is complete, click on the app twice. Users can move to the location they prefer most and instantly without wasting any more time, the app will start to function.
After opening Zphone, press on ‘do it all’ condition and allow ample time for Ziphone to complete its work, this would approximately take 3 minutes.
After the work is completed, user will get the iPhones 1.1.4 jailbroken and will start functioning.
10.  Change auto lock to never by proceeding from settingsà general à lock and finally never.

11.  If necessary, try connecting to Wi-Fi network. Run installer from the devices’ home screen.

12.  You can download BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH

13.  It will be the best time to download WinSCP if not done yet. If it is already installed then run it.

14.  Click two times on ‘library’ option and later click ‘lockdown’ option using right hand.

15.  Click two times on aviation records, and delete files present inside it. Move to initial folder by pressing backspace key on your keyboard one time.

16.  Click 2 times on pair records. Delete any files present inside it and press backspace.

17.  Download YouTube files called SpikeyMikey303’s for activation and save it.

18.  Drag and drop “device_public_key.pem”,”data_ark.plist” and “device_private_key.pem” to winscp to copy them.

19.  You will be required to click two times on the activation code given under WinSCP. Drag and drop file “89014103211556075053” from the recent downloaded files.

Tips & Warnings

It is a free and open source tool and its latest version, the ZiPhone 3.0 supports more international networks.
There is no need to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 firmware as it is made available.
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