Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Use WinterBoard

One of the most talked about and highly expected jailbreaking application SummerBoard does not have a free version and some iPhone customizers are turning to WinterBoard, the alternative for the junkies. For those who are unaware of SummerBoard, it is an app that works in the background of your iPhone. It enables you to use custom themes easily that are pre made and that you can download from the Installer directly. Custom elements are present in the theme like backgrounds, icons, docks and title bars etc. In this article you will come to know how to use WinterBoard.

In this article you will know about installation of WinterBoard and download a theme using Cyndia and then apply it to the iPhone Springboard. Some other variations of theme that can be utilized using WinterBoard are given below:

Before using WinterBoard, make sure that your iPhone is jailbroken. You can find various links on the internet that will walk you through the method of jailbreaking if you have not done this earlier.
Open app Cydia. Explore its contents. Under sections you will find list of things that you can download. These all are for your iPhone. The one’s that are for use in WinterBoard will be found under “themes”. There are various other theme folders also like carrier, battery, dialer, complete, keyboard, dock, lock screen, ringtones, page dots, sounds, sliders and many others. Whatever you like from the list you can download it.
Exit Cydia after you have downloaded the themes of your choice.
Open application WinterBoard. There will be a list of all those things that you downloaded.
Select the options and themes that you would love to use on your iPhone. Checkmark on the checkbox of those themes and options. Remember that you have selected just one of any particular thing. For instance do not tick on checkboxes of two different themes. Multiple options or themes can be checked as long as they do not overlap each other. For example, check 1 lock screen theme, 1 page dot theme, 1 signal bar theme and 1 battery theme.
To exit WinterBoard app press on the Home button. This will reboot your iPhone automatically. This action is absolutely normal and is necessary to save changes made after installation.
You will find all new applications running on your iPhone as soon as it restarts. Now you can enjoy all new customized iPhone.
In case if something isn’t working fine after the reboot, then go to WinterBoard again and ensure that you have not checked two of the similar type of items. In case multiple themes of similar type have been checked then WinterBoard will not run either of them.
I think that WinterBoard presents the starting of the features and services it will provide in the future. Talking about its characteristics, it is a very useful and stable application. Saurik updates it frequently and app lying themes to the iPhone using it is straightforward and simple enough. You can apply or install any WinterBoard or SummerBoard theme of your choice.

Tips& Warnings

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then WinterBoard is the best product for your iPhone.
It allows you to apply new and amazing effects such as changing background, sliders, theme batteries and lots more.
However, always keep in mind that it requires a jailbroken iPhone and that the phone must be original too.
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