Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Use Photobucket is a freeware and simple image hosting software. This is an online photo album for sharing and uploading as many photos you want to. Users can make private photo albums, and the website also stores videos and avatars. The site proffers 1 GB of storage space and 10 GB of bandwidth for free and 10 GB of storage space for a paid-up account and also infinite bandwidth with a paid-up account. In this article, you will come to know how to use Photobucket in the correct way.

Remember that the online Photobucket message board and Photobucket album are two different things and one require to register disjointedly for both. For registering, you require to go to the Photobucket album page or message board and fill up your facts for registering. You will quickly get a registration email. In state, you feel trouble logging in, or if you forgot your Id and secret code, you can browse this page: Remember that, if you attempt six times in the row devoid of triumph, your account is provisionally halt and you have no alternative but to recover your secret code by departing to the aforesaid page.

To get on track on Photobucket, you’ll require opening an account. The process is free of charge and trouble-free!

Go to the website Take care that your browser admits cookies from the website.
Tick on the “Join Now” push the button in the upper right side of the homepage.
Choose a username and password and click on “Next Step.”
Fill in the demanded private information in the form.
After you do these necessary things, you can now access your account anytime. Whenever you go to, you can click on “My Album” to go unswervingly to your album.
One can do a diversity of tasks and ventures in Photobucket. Below mentioned is the way to employ Photobucket efficiently.


1) Go to the Photobucket homepage by using the Internet browser.

2) Login to your Photobucket account by using your username and password.

3) Upload the pictures and videos to your Photobucket account from the PC, pictures from a site or pictures from a mobile phone. Click “upload” when you are done choosing the items that you desire to upload to Photobucket.

4) Labor with your uploaded photos and video. You can insert titles, move items just about in your photo or video albums, share your photos and videos with others, delete photos and videos or even buy prints or other photo items such as photo books. You can also edit, rotate or alter the dimensions of your pictures.

5) You can also make a slideshow of your uploaded pictures. Simply click “Create Slideshow” in the blue bar near the top of your account page. You can then select the uploaded images that you crave in your slideshow, in addition to selecting a slideshow style.

6) All you need to do now is share the photo and video albums on your Photobucket account with others. Click on “Share an Album,” and you can then select different other sites, for example Facebook and MySpace where you desire to publish your albums. You can also set passwords for your Photobucket albums.

7) Discover some of the other stuffs that you can perform with Photobucket. You can craft a remix of your uploaded photos or you can design an avatar. Locate links for these options in the blue bar near the top of your Photobucket account page.

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