Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Use a Bamboo Steamer

If you learn how to use a bamboo steamer, it will surely help you cook tasty and delightful food rich in nutrition. Boiling the food is a very popular choice for vegetables; however, it leaves the texture and the color of the food very unappealing. Moreover, it also destroys all the nutrients. Marine food items are hard to grill and it could become overcooked very easily. Thus, steamer is a better option. This is because it permits your food to be cooked with the help of steam keeping the texture, color and flavor of the food preserved.

Bamboo steamers have multiple layers like a stack that allows more than one kind of food to get cooked at one time. The best thing about it is that it quite very easy to use and simultaneously keeps the nutrients of the food safe. A bamboo steamer requires care before you start to use it. Thoroughly rinse the steamer with the help of water and mild soap. While it’s wet, let it to get steam at boiling point of the water for roughly 30 minutes. Bamboo is quite porous and hence steaming the steamer will remove all the impurities.

Follow these steps listed below for using a bamboo steamer to cook your food:

1. Set up the steamer

Set the steamer above your pan or wok and place it above the burner & then light the burner. The bamboo steamer must fit tightly while it is suspended over boiling water. Keep in mind that steamer must not sit over boiling water.

2. Adding food to the steamer

Remember to border the steamer using piece of vegetable leaves or parchment paper so that food does not stick or gets absorbed into the bamboo. In case you want to use many layers, then every layer must be treated this way. Food must be placed above the vegetable leaves or the parchment paper and then gather the bamboo steamer. The food that needs longest time to get cooked must be kept at the bottom layer close to boiled water.

3. Add some water to pan

Pour water in to the pan in order it make it to the lower brim of the bamboo steamer. Keep the steamer on the pan.

4. Prepare the food

Turn the burner on correct setting as mentioned in the recipe. This is usually high to medium-high. Let the food be cooked as per the recipe.

5. Take away the pan

After the food gets cooked for correct time span, turn the burner off and take away the pan away from heat. Remove the steamers and open it to let the remaining water vapors to escape. Food can now be placed onto the serving containers or you can even serve it out of the steamer directly.

Your steamer requires a lot of care for its use. Care is necessary but simple too.

Rinse the steamer using mild soap only and that too if necessary.
Store the bamboo steamer at a place that is well ventilated.
Make sure never to wash the bamboo steamer in a dishwasher.
There are many other things that you can cook in a bamboo steamer. Fish, rice and chicken are some others that can be cooked in the steamer. The bamboo steamer can be utilized to warm the foods also that become dry or harden like bread items or tortillas.

These bamboo steamers are less expensive and they provide an alternative mode to prepare food that has nutrients, color and texture preserved.

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