Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Adjust a Clutch Cable

A clutch in the bike has different parts that operate simultaneously to help the transmission flow from the engine. The clutch is divided into driven parts and drive parts. The fittings are made accordingly. These different parts transfer the transmission from the engine to the wheels of the bike. It thus becomes necessary to maintain the clutch in proper condition. You do not need to take your bike to a garage or look out for a mechanic every now and then if you know how to adjust a clutch cable.

Tightening or adjusting the clutch cable is very easy. The only difficult part about it is   locating the point where the clutch cable meets the transmission. These are sometimes not very easily visible, in most of the bikes. If you can access these points, it will be very easy for you to adjust the clutch cable.


Wrench Set or Pliers
How to adjust a clutch cable?

To adjust or tighten the clutch cable you first need to locate its end on the transmission. It is usually present at the lever on the side of the transmission. This lever controls the functioning of the clutch cable.
This is the point from where the clutch cable can be tightened or loosened. Usually, it gets loosened over a period of time and has to be tightened periodically.
At this point, the cable is attached using a nut. You need to loosen this nut. The sizes of the nuts vary with different models of bikes and different manufacturers.
You must therefore have different wrenches of different sizes. Check out different wrenches, and use the apt one. You can also use the owner’s manual to get to know the right wrench for the clutch cable nut of your bike.
Place the wrench on this nut and rotate it in anti-clockwise direction, till you can move the clutch cable freely. While loosening it, see to it that you do not completely detach the cable, because it sometimes gets difficult to place it back accurately.
With one hand place the wrench on the adjuster nut, and with another hand, using a plier, pull the cable clutch out of the adjuster hole.
Pull it till you tighten it completely. When you cannot pull it anymore, rotate the adjuster nut in clockwise direction this time. This will tighten the adjuster nut.
This ends the adjustment of clutch cable. However, your task does not end here. Check the clutch cable operation before you actually ride your bike on roads. The clutch cable should function smoothly. If the clutch cable is tight and functions accordingly, then the clutch cable is adjusted properly.
It is thus very simple to adjust a clutch cable. The clutch cable settings for almost all bikes are the same including the Harley Davidson. You only need to locate the point where the clutch cable meets the transmission point, and get the right wrench to tighten or loosen the adjuster nut. Next time you have any problems with the clutch you can fix it yourself, and do not need a mechanic to fix it

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